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This clinic operates under a SLIDING SCALE model. This means that it MAY NOT be free depending on your income. You will be required to prove financial need in order to receive free services or services at a reduced cost. In order to get more information on this clinic, click on the icons below. You may be required to join for free in order to access full contact information.

Hours: Mondays through Fridays 9am - 5pm.

We see everyone - Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid and the uninsured. We take everyone, but we still need to pay the light bill and I'd like to get a paycheck every now and then. We have a sliding scale system where the minimum is $20 if you don't have insurance. We want to be a community clinic, but if we become the go-to clinic for the uninsured, it won't be sustainable

Palms Medical Group provides dental care at Family Health Center of Columbia County and in our Trenton Pediatrics office . We provide comprehensive oral healthcare to children (age 4 and up) as well as adults. Palms Dentistry accepts private insurance as well as the following dental coverage plans: sliding scale based on household income, Medicaid, Full Medicaid, Medipass and adults and children - covered under Managed Care of North America (MCNA).
Dental services include:
    Comprehensive Oral Exams
    Limited Oral Exams
    Periodic Oral Exams
    Fillings - one or more surfaces
    Dental Cleanings - adult and children
    Extractions - simple, surgical and wisdom (some referrals to oral surgeons may be necessary)

Co-payments, co-insurance and any outstanding balances are to be paid in full at the time of service. It is important to notify the front desk staff if you are unable to pay in full prior to your visit. Services rendered that are not urgent must be paid in full. Patients will be responsible for full payment of all services if their insurance carrier does not pay within 90 days.
Palms Medical Group accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check, cash and money orders. Checks must have your name preprinted on them. A valid photo ID is required to pay by check and credit card. Any returned checks from the bank may result in a returned check fee of at least $25.00, depending on the value of the returned check.
Palms Medical Group attempts to contact patients with large balances either by phone or by mail to discuss payment options. If you do not respond to our attempts, the account may be forwarded to a collection agency. Also, a lapse in payment or inactivity may result in your account being forwarded to a collection agency. If you wish to discuss your account balance, please ask to speak with one of our Financial Services Specialists at (352) 463-4506. Due to confidentiality, we will ask for identification when reviewing the account. If a spouse is calling, we will ask to speak to the patient in order to receive permission to speak to the spouse.
Our Financial Services Specialists will work with you to review payment and insurance options. We also offer a sliding fee scale based on income level. Ask to speak with a Financial Services Specialist at your local Palms' office or call 1-888-730-2374. You also can email a financial counselor at

Since this is a sliding fee scale clinic, we have provided the Federal Poverty Guidelines below. Visit the Palms Medical Center Dental Clinic Trenton website listed above to see what the level is needed for free care.

Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2021

Persons In Family Household Poverty Guideline Salary per year
1 $12,760
2 $17,240
3 $21,720
4 $26,200
5 $30,680
6 $35,160
7 $39,640
8 $44,120

For Households with more than 8 persons, add $4,480 for each additional person.
*Alaska and Hawaii have different rates for HUD federal poverty guidelines.
These numbers above represent 100% of the Federal Poverty Rate. In order to get legal aid from some offices, they use a sliding fee scale. When they use a sliding fee scale, the 100% rate can be different than 100%. In those cases, using for example a 200% federal poverty level, you will only need double the 100% number listed above to 200%.

COVID-19 Information for Patients

Contact your healthcare provider by phone before coming to a clinic or hospital if you meet the following criteria:
  • Symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, fatigue, headache
  • Symptoms such as muscle or body aches, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose.
  • Contact with someone with confirmed COVID-19 within 14 days of onset of systems

Mild Covid Symptoms

  • Low-grade fever (approx 100 degrees Fahrenheit for adults)
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Mild, dry cough
  • Mild body aches

Moderate Covid Symptoms

  • Fever above 100.4 F
  • Persistent cough
  • Temporary shortness of breath when you exert yourself
  • Exhaustion, need to stay in bed

Severe Covid Symptoms

  • Constant trouble breathing
  • Persistent chest pain or pressure
  • Confusion
  • Trouble staying awake
  • Blue lips or face

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