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Benjamin Franklin Clinic An Affiliate of Penn Hospital
Address: 800 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA - 19107
Phone:  215-829-8362

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About Benjamin Franklin Clinic An Affiliate of Penn Hospital

The University of Pennsylvania Health System ("UPHS") established in 1997, is the nation's first integrated health system capable of providing medical care across the range of human sickness without bypassing patient preferences regarding the degrees and kinds of desired medical interventions.

UPHS includes the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, Phoenixville Hospital.

Benjamin Franklin Clinic An Affiliate of Penn Hospital Community Questionnaire
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What is your current illness that you are seeking help for?
User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2019-09-05 11:50:04Diabetes
2019-08-30 01:00:51Carpal tunnel
2019-08-26 11:30:19would like to be tested for diabetes
2019-08-15 11:25:25Bleeding in between period for over a week. Also not eating right due to sensitive teeth
2019-08-11 20:32:05Pathologist
2019-08-04 16:44:59Lump in breastbone
2019-08-04 09:03:54Employment Physical, Return to work.
2019-07-20 13:47:11Denture help..... I need them desperately I have an eating disorder and my teeth dont fit right I Lready lost 65 poundss
2019-07-16 11:35:54 Eye exam for driver licence
2019-07-05 16:48:38Intestinal hernia that burst
2019-06-19 16:03:42I need fluid drained from my knee
2019-05-25 03:11:49i have had a cough for almost a year.
2019-05-11 16:19:34herpes
2019-04-22 13:40:29Thyroid
2019-04-09 20:40:26skin burning

If you have used a free clinic or sliding fee scale clinic how did you qualify?
User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2019-08-26 11:30:19no insurance
2019-07-20 13:47:11On ssi
2019-07-05 16:48:38Divorce caused me to lose my insurance
2019-05-11 16:19:34unemployed, just applied for Medicaid
2019-05-10 11:34:18No insurance plus no income

If you have any other information you would like us to know, please enter it here.
User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2019-08-30 01:00:51Not been here for 5 yrs
2019-08-26 11:30:19i am employed but insurance wont be effective until Nov.
2019-08-15 11:25:25Recently unemployed. Got part time job but no insurance
2019-08-11 20:32:05Currently unemployed
2019-08-04 09:03:54Was treated for diverticulosis/ IBS. Have reached insurance maximum for the year.
2019-07-20 13:47:11My current set was paid though my I syrance and I told them and the dentist that they did not fit right Nd told me oh well
2019-07-05 16:48:38Need surgery ASAP
2019-05-11 16:19:34seeking perscription, past perscription lost, reoccurance of earlier diagnosised problem
2019-03-27 18:09:39Work as an EMT, have very long strenuous hours. I need to be checked due to joint pains, and anxiety/panic attacks i believe are brought on due to the job.
2019-01-31 19:33:02onset of dementia
2019-01-22 16:33:42I need to get a new prescription for glasses
2018-07-17 16:53:54I am having right eye pain. Previously had basal cell carcinoma near my right eye and also suffer migraines w/aura

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Sep 8, 2017 $100   Completely Free Clinic Thanks
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