Fundraiser for Usalinh

Usalinh Phung

Amount Requested: $ 40.000,00

Location: Diamondhead, MS

Please help my with my cancer bills

About Usalinh

In May of 2015 I was diagnosed with STAGE THREE rectal colon cancer. For the past year I have been living in Los Angeles, CA with my wife while receiving treatment for my cancer. Before coming out here from Mississippi I worked and took care of the house while my wife was out here working. After my diagnosis I moved out to Los Angeles to receive treatment at UCLA. I also had my first surgery last October to remove the cancerous section and have had an ileostomy bag since then. Because I was receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments I was unable to work. I'm thankful I have a loving wife to take care of me and support me while I am going through this ordeal. I know with her being the only one working it has put a strain on our funds to take care of mortgage and other bills back home and also taking care of rent and utilities out here in California. With my medical bills racking up and not being able to work has been really stressful for the both of us.


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