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Free Clinics For UnInsured and Low Income

Clinics listed on are offer services for free or at a reduced rate. Many clinics are operate under a sliding scale schedule. This means that costs to pattients are calculated based on income.


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Clinics for the Uninsured

Many of the clinics listed on Free Medical Search exist to meet the needs of the uninsured.Most of the uninsured are in low-income working families. In 2013, nearly 8 in 10 were in a family with a worker, and nearly 6 in 10 have family income below 200% of poverty.

No Cost Medical Clinics

While many clinics offer services at fees at reduced rates or according to income, some clinics offer essential services at no cost at all.Many clinics recieve federal and state funding so they offer services for free. Services vary greatly so call first.

Affordable Clinics

Free Medical Search lists low cost and affordable health care centers and not just free clinics.

Low Income Clinic

Thousands of clinics across the country offer income-based services which are especially helpful for the working poor.


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