About Us

About Us

We started working on our free clinic website, www.freemedicalsearch.org in 2010. We later purchased freeclinics.com, and transferred our business to this website. Since the start, we have worked hard to put together one of the most comprehensive lists of free clinics on the Internet. Our list of free clinics includes both dental and medical clinics.

We also provide listings of: sliding scale, income based and very low cost clinics (examples include medical school clinics).

We provide important detailed information on each clinic listed. We also provide a user forum for more specific details on each clinic from real people that have used the specific clinic they are commenting on.

We list full contact information for each clinic directly. If you have specific clinic questions please contact them directly.

Our website is free. We do make you log in to see the website, email and facebook page of the clinics. This is only to protect our data from website scrapers. We have not, nor will we ever sell your contact information or email address. We also state this in our privacy policy.

If you have any problems with the website or a listing provided, please contact us through the form below. We will get back to you within 2 business days and normally rectify a problem within hours.

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