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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is often the underlying cause of a heart attack or stroke in people as young as forty. Both of these things in the top three causes of death in the United States. Anyone who is diagnosed with hypertension may be concerned with taking medication, as there are often side effects that go with them, such as headaches, dizziness, and upset stomach. If you have recently been diagnosed with this medical condition and do not want to take medication, you should learn how to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Exercise and weight loss are crucial for those who have high blood pressure. As you exercise, your heart is able to utilize the oxygen in a more efficient manner. In turn, this strengthens the muscles in the heart. However, to receive the most benefits from exercising, it must be done regularly. The preferred amount of exercise to lower blood pressure naturally is four to five times per week.

Those diagnosed with high blood pressure also need to overhaul their diet. While you may purchase diet dinners for calorie watching, you should also be aware that many of these processed foods are extremely high in sodium. Cutting back on sodium in your diet will also help to keep your blood pressure within a normal range. As caffeine can tighten the blood vessels in the body, it is also important to limit how much caffeine you consume, as well.

You will want to increase your intake of foods that are high in potassium, such as sweet potatoes, bananas, oranges, and whole bran cereals. While scientists are having trouble figuring out exactly why it can help to lower the blood pressure, the facts are that it will. It is also known that foods that are rich in anti-oxidants, like blueberries and dark chocolate, are also great for the heart.

Stress also plays an important role in heart health. Too much stress can easily raise your blood pressure. What everyone should do is find something they can do to relax everyday. Many medical professionals recommend meditation and deep breathing exercises, as they will decrease the levels of stress hormones in your body. Just ten minutes a day will give you the results you can see in your blood pressure numbers.

Hypertension is very serious. Should you be diagnosed with it, you may not wish to take medications that are going to affect how you are living your life. However, by utilizing the above information, you can easily lower blood pressure naturally and lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke.