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Dr Diebel Jr Memorial Shepherds Hope Health Center
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Orlando, FL - 32817
Phone:  (407) 876-6699

This clinic operates under a SLIDING SCALE model. This means that it MAY NOT be free depending on your income. You will be required to prove financial need in order to receive free services or services at a reduced cost. In order to get more information on this clinic, click on the icons below. You may be required to join for free in order to access full contact information.

About Dr Diebel Jr Memorial Shepherds Hope Health Center
Sliding Scale

Registration Begins at 4:30pm
Monday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Tuesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Wednesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Thursday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
*No walk-ins on the 3rd Thursday of the month*

This health clinic's doctors and nurses are all volunteers who treat uninsured, low-income patients in need of non-emergency medical care, and the visit is free.

This health clinic's patients are seen at Shepherd's Hope health centers on a first-come, first-served basis, and some patients have a return visit. Unfortunately, this health clinic's doctors and nurses cannot treat every condition and they are not set-up to be your regular source of medical care.

If a patient at this health clinic has a chronic diseases and conditions that require ongoing care will be referred to other clinics in the community for help.

This health clinic's partners with organizations including local hospitals to provide most diagnostic laboratory and radiology services at no charge. Some of this health clinic's patients have some tests and procedures that are not covered, and in those cases, patients will be responsible for making their own financial arrangements for charges resulting from these uncovered procedures.

If necessary, no-cost prescription medications are given out at the health clinic if they have them. Otherwise, their licensed health care providers will write a prescription, and the patient will be responsible for the cost, but they make every effort to prescribe low cost medications, if possible for the patients at their health clinic.

Dr Diebel Jr Memorial Shepherds Hope Health Center Community Questionnaire
Are you familiar with Dr Diebel Jr Memorial Shepherds Hope Health Center? Help users find out answers.

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What is your current illness that you are seeking help for?
User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-01-16 07:56:20Diabetes
2018-01-30 16:00:15Pinched nerve in back
2018-03-23 17:20:53Thyroid need refills on My RX
2018-03-23 17:22:37sleep deprivation
2018-03-28 06:41:18Diabetes
2018-04-10 12:02:24I believe it to be Tennis Elbow (both arms). Serious pain going from my shoulders all the to my hands and the pain gets worse and worse. I also have other joints that are most likely arthritic, but I cannot be sure. The bones in my feet produce agonizing pain, knee joints, neck, lower back. I also have what appears to be a nerve problem. I have uncontrollably itching starting in my feet and this
2018-04-18 17:54:08 I dont have health insurance right now and also im unemployed. Currently i have not seen a doctor for long time and i would like to be checked
2018-05-15 09:51:01I lost my insurance because I lost my job cannot pay for it and I'm on lisinopril for high blood pressure and I can't go to my doctor because the doctor visit alone is $250 plus out-of-pocket The Listener Pro is $95
2018-06-20 14:05:57Iím pregnant an itís my first time I have a lot of questions so I wanted to visit a doctor
2018-07-02 10:58:03numbness in finger tips
2018-07-06 11:58:35My symptoms are coughing tightness in chest or my lungs in the middle of my breast a lot of mucus spitting up coughing I'm not running a fever I have really high blood pressure because
2018-07-12 11:55:09Physcial
2018-07-26 02:14:46Chest pain
2018-09-07 03:21:55I need partials my front four teeth gotten pulled out. Need a free dental place. I'm not working and I'm homeless

If you have used a free clinic or sliding fee scale clinic let us know the name and details
User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-01-21 12:14:19Nowhere
2018-02-02 16:56:10I recently moved from Wisconsin.

If you have any other information you would like us to know, please enter it here.
User Answers Provided
Date AddedUser Response
2018-01-21 12:14:19I had health insurance and it has expired currently i have not seen a doctor and would like to get checked. Iím also pregnant
2018-01-30 16:00:15In excruciating pain, need relief
2018-03-28 06:41:18I dont have health insurance right now and also im unemployed. Currently i have not seen a doctor and i would like to be checked
2018-04-10 12:02:24Due to my relocation to Florida, I need a primary care doctor, behavioral health, dental, medications, pharmacy.
2018-04-18 17:54:08I'm gaining a lot of weight and I feel fatigued when I walk but I don't eat and I look fatter every day

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Dr Diebel Jr Memorial Shepherds Hope Health Center Service Rates As Posted By Users And Research
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Date Added Cost   Type Description
Nov 28, 2017 $0   Completely Free Clinic Mental health
Jun 20, 2017 $100   Completely Free Clinic Medical
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