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Tree of Life Healthcare
Address: 1968 North Avenue
Columbus, GA - 31901
Phone:  (706) 225-0355

Tree of Life Healthcare is a Community Health Center. In order to get more information on this clinic, click on the icons below. You may be required to join for free in order to access full contact information.

About Tree of Life Healthcare

Tree of Life Healthcare believes that all people, regardless of income or insurability, deserve quality healthcare. With an emphasis on follow-up and service, we strive to create a comfortable, patient-friendly experience.

Tree of Life Healthcare is a non-profit medical and eye clinic in Columbus, Georgia. Our clinic is designed to serve the needs of patients without the funds or Tree of Life Healthcaremedical insurance to cover initial doctor´s visits and other medical needs.

Tree of Life Healthcare Community Questionnaire
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I have what they call an external fixator on my right leg with 6 screws going into my bone from the outside. Unfortunately the doctor whoput it on will not take it off without insurance...this thing has been on my leg for over a year when it's really only supposed to be on for 5 months. I have been in this wheelchair in pain for more than a year please please somebody help me! :(
posted Dec 7, 2019
Mass on chest wall, low grade but constant pain and discomfort in left side, untreated anxiety and depression.
posted Nov 23, 2019
Depression. High anxiety, HBP 159/90, pain in abdomen, shortness of breathe and fatigue
posted Nov 20, 2019
Headaches, cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea
posted Nov 19, 2019
depression , anxiety , panic disorder
posted Aug 29, 2019
Right bundle branch block in my heart , a knot the size of a softball on the back of my knee on my left leg, high blood pressure, etc.
posted Aug 23, 2019
Hyperthyroidism/ extreme weight loss
posted Aug 14, 2019
posted Jul 5, 2019
Chronic fatigue. Pain in abdomen. Fever.
posted Jun 3, 2019
Mental/anxiety disorder
posted May 30, 2019
Mental disorder
posted May 9, 2019
pap smear
posted May 2, 2019
Me for congestive heart failure and high blood pressure do not have insurance I'm looking for looking for help with by med medication
posted Mar 29, 2019
Left ankle in extreme pain. Not ableto put weight on it.
posted Mar 27, 2019
High blood pressure, chest pains, shortness of breath, weak, discoloration of skin by feet, sleepless nights
posted Feb 2, 2019

If you have used a free clinic or sliding fee scale clinic how did you qualify? (Do not enter private information; it may be published.)
Valley Healthcare one time, was told about the High Blood Pressure , and was told that I needed to see a heart doctor
posted Aug 23, 2019
In MS. I was allowed to be on the lowest end if the sliding scale
posted Jun 3, 2019
Valley Healthcare one time, was told about the High Blood Pressure , and was told that I needed to see a heart doctor
posted Nov 1, 2018
Valley Healthcare
posted Aug 23, 2018
no i am new to the area and dont have any insurance or income
posted Mar 27, 2018
Haven't seeked any medial treatment
posted Jan 25, 2018

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Because this thing has been on for so long my leg will more than likely have to be amputated now
posted Dec 7, 2019
I have Asperger's and I can't drive
posted Nov 23, 2019
I'm under a lot of stress, financial, family, and other stresses
posted Nov 20, 2019
Can’t keep food down
posted Nov 19, 2019
sharp pains in my abdomen, takes my breath away, weight loss, pain and hearing loss in my right ear, i have prescriptions that i can't afford to get, i really do need to see a doctor, i feel like i am dying, the pain never stops,i can very little because of my stomach
posted Aug 23, 2019
I have foot problems
posted Jul 5, 2019
I have lupus. Was diagnosed at 23
posted Jun 3, 2019
He has been hearing noises, records conversations
posted May 9, 2019
Never so a doctor about my ankle injured it several years back wore a brace on foot and leg for about 8 months or more still never have seen the doctor about it twisted it completely backwards when I first injured it my foot and all completely backwards
posted Mar 27, 2019
I haven’t seen a dr since coming off my parents plan. Unemployed. I really feel like I’m going to have a heart attack
posted Feb 2, 2019
I'm a college student with no insurance. I need to see someone about my throat. Possible strep, been sick for a week.
posted Jan 6, 2019
I cant afford to see the kind of doctors that I need to see, and I have been out of my blood pressure medicine for months, Please help me, Thank You.
posted Nov 1, 2018
my prescriptions are running out and i have to continue them, haven't seen a doctor since March of when my insurance got cut off but I have seen one through the hospital. Need medicine for my chronic severe pinched nerve in my back need a doctor to get back on a regular basis.
posted Sep 17, 2018
Haven't seen doctor in a couple of years. I have been unemployed since October of 2017.
posted Aug 23, 2018
Have not seen a doctor re illness approximately 1 year. I have no insurance.
posted Jun 21, 2018

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Tree of Life Healthcare is a Community Health Center.

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Jun 8, 2017 $25   Completely Free Clinic Medical
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