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Healthcare is a vital necessity, but it can often be costly and unaffordable for families and individuals who may be low-income or who are in need of inexpensive or reduced-cost health services. Fortunately, free clinics and medical service providers in Delaware cater specifically to these populations, providing free or highly affordable health services. These establishments range from government-subsidized institutions to non-profit organizations and faith-based initiatives. This guide will detail some key providers of these services and how to apply or schedule an appointment with them.

Healthcare Networks Offering Free or Income-Based Services

Various healthcare networks in Delaware offer free or income-based services. Notable among them are Westside Family Healthcare, La Red Health Center, and Henrietta Johnson Medical Center.

  • Westside Family Healthcare provides equitable healthcare services across a range of specializations. While they do not provide entirely free services, they have a sliding fee scale based on household income and size. You can apply by calling 302-655-5822 or visiting one of their physical locations.
  • La Red Health Center offers a comprehensive range of services from dental care to behavioral health, pregnant mother care, and more. Their Patient Assistance Program offers financial aid based on your household income. Call 302-855-1233 or 866-733-7433 for more information or to make an appointment.
  • Henrietta Johnson Medical Center is another prominent provider of affordable healthcare services, offering a sliding fee scale for eligible patients. To apply, contact their office at 302-655-6187.

Government Subsidized Clinics

The Delaware Community Healthcare Access Program or DCHAP is a significant example of a government-subsidized program. DCHAP operates a number of clinics across several locations in the state, providing primary and preventative care along with dental services. Medicaid, Medicare, and most other forms of insurance are accepted. Those without insurance are charged on a sliding scale based on income. Contact your preferred DCHAP clinic directly for an appointment.

Faith-Based Clinics

A host of faith-based providers offer free or income-based medical services. These include St. Patrick Center, Blessed Givings, and a handful of other service providers.

  • St. Patrick Center not only provides behavioral health services but also helps with housing and basic needs. They can be contacted at 302-652-5523.
  • Blessed Givings is a non-profit, faith-based organization that offers free healthcare services – primary, dental, and supplemental specialized services alike. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 302-365-6933.

Application and Appointment Scheduling

The first step when seeking free or income-based medical services is to identify the right provider. If they have a website, check for available services, operating hours, and the application process. Most often, clinics require a call for an appointment. If eligibility for discounted services is income-based, be prepared to provide proof of income.

Offered Medical Services

Typically, medical services offered by these clinics range from general primary and preventative care to dental services, behavioral health, and maternal and child health. Some clinics also offer lab services. While most of these clinics do treat chronic conditions, specialized care or surgery usually falls beyond their scope.


Delaware is rich in resources, with numerous agencies and organizations striving to provide free or income-based medical services to its residents in need. The key is to figure out which one is right for you and take the appropriate steps. Don't let income be a barrier to receiving the healthcare that you need and deserve.

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