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For low-income or uninsured individuals, accessing healthcare services can be a challenging task. However, free clinics in Kentucky provide an essential resource for families and individuals who wouldn't otherwise have access to medical care services. These clinics offer free or affordable healthcare, ranging from general medical services to dental and eye care and mental health counseling. Understanding their locations, services offered and the process of appointment scheduling can help you utilize these resources more effectively.

Kentucky Free Health Clinics

Free health clinics are scattered throughout Kentucky, offering a range of services. However, as resources are limited, it's necessary to schedule your appointment in advance.

  1. Park DuValle Community Health Center: Provides free or low-cost medical and dental care to uninsured individuals on a sliding fee scale. They have locations in Louisville and West Louisville. You can schedule an appointment by calling 502-774-4401.
  2. Family Health Centers: Offers primary and specialty medical care at several locations in Louisville. Sliding fee discounts are available based on income and family size. To schedule an appointment, call 502-774-8631.
  3. Audubon Area Community Care Clinic: Provides free medical care to qualified low-income and uninsured individuals in Owensboro and surrounding counties. You can schedule an appointment by calling 270-686-8114.

Kentucky Sliding Scale Clinics

Alongside free clinics, there are various other healthcare providers in Kentucky who offer medical services on a sliding scale based on income and family size:

  • Arh South Williamson Clinic: It offers services on a sliding fee scale ranging from primary healthcare services to specialist care. Call 606-237-1700 to schedule an appointment.
  • Bluegrass Community Health Center: Located in Lexington, it offers a comprehensive set of medical services on a sliding fee scale. An appointment can be arranged by calling 859-259-2635.
  • Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc: This clinic located in Richmond offers the majority of its services on a sliding fee scale and can be contacted at 859-623-7233.

Goverment Subsidies and Programs

There are several programs funded by the government to help low-income individuals access healthcare services. Medicaid and the Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program are two significant government-funded programs. They provide free or low-cost health insurance which covers a variety of services including, but not limited to, regular check-ups, immunizations, prescription medications, and hospital care. You can apply for these programs online at or by calling 1-855-306-8959.

Faith-Based Providers

Many faith-based organizations also provide free or low-cost healthcare services. One of the prominent ones is St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy in Latonia which offers medication services to uninsured or underinsured individuals. They can be contacted at 859-341-3219. Similarly, the Good Samaritan Mission Health Clinic provides free routine and preventive health care services. Their contact number is 859-212-4006.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous resources available for families and individuals in Kentucky who are facing financial hardships or are uninsured. Free clinics, sliding scale clinics, government subsidies, and faith-based providers all offer various necessary medical services. It is always advisable to make contact with them directly for information on the provided services, eligibility criteria, and appointment scheduling.

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