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If you're a Louisiana resident with no health insurance or you're under-insured, accessing healthcare services might seem like a daunting task. However, there are free clinics and networks that offer inexpensive or free health care, including government programs and non-profit organizations. This guide is designed to help you explore these options, understand how you can apply for them, and learn about the types of medical services typically offered.

Free Clinics and Healthcare Networks in Louisiana

Free clinics and healthcare networks in Louisiana provide comprehensive health services to those in need. Many of these clinics operate on a sliding-scale basis, meaning your cost will depend on your income level.

  • Louisiana Association of Free Clinics: This association lists multiple free clinics across the state, from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and beyond. Detailed information about each clinic, including location and contact information, is available on their website.
  • Outpatient Clinic - University Medical Center New Orleans: Their services include primary care, pediatric care, prenatal care, behavioral health, dental care, and more.
  • CrescentCare: Located in New Orleans, it offers comprehensive care, including dental, behavioral health, and other specialized health services.
  • Martin Luther King Health Center: This center in Shreveport provides primary care, pharmacy services, and health education on a sliding fee scale.

Government Subsidy Programs

The state and federal government offer several programs to assist low-income individuals and families with health care costs.

  • Medicaid: Louisiana Medicaid is a state and Federal partnership that provides health coverage for some low-income people, families and children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities. You can apply online via Louisiana Medicaid Online Application center.
  • LaCHIP: The Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program (LaCHIP) offers free health coverage for children under the age of 19. The forms to enroll can be obtained online or by calling 1-877-252-2447.
  • Medicare: Accessible for Louisiana residents aged 65 or older, certain young people with disabilities, or people with End-Stage Renal Disease. Applying for Medicare benefits is done through the Social Security office.

Faith-based and Non-profit Providers

A number of faith-based and non-profit organizations contribute to Louisiana's healthcare landscape by providing free or income-based medical services.

  • The New Orleans Mission Clinic: This Christian nonprofit offers primary care services, dental services, eye care, and mental health services free of charge.
  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans: This organization offers health services for seniors and case management services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.
  • The Health Hut: Founded by a community church in Baton Rouge, The Health Hut provides access to basic medical care and screenings for the uninsured and economically disadvantaged.

How to Access Services

Most free clinics in Louisiana require an appointment. Contact the clinic directly or check their websites for information on how to schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that some clinics serve a specific population (like children or seniors), or restrict care to those below a certain income level.

What Services are Typically Offered?

Free clinics in Louisiana typically offer a range of medical services, including general primary care, preventative screenings and education, dental care, mental health services, prescription assistance, lab work, specialty care, and some even offer prenatal care.

If you're looking for affordable healthcare solutions, remember, there are numerous options in Louisiana. From free clinics to government subsidies and non-profit programs, getting the healthcare you need is feasible regardless of your financial situation.

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There are a total of 122 clinics in the state of Louisiana. New Orleans has a total of 28 clinics and the city with most clinics in Louisiana. The next city with most clinics is Baton Rouge with a total of 10 clinics.

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